Gigamax 3D Printing Technology

Gigamax 3D Printing Technology

Hi there,


we are a small but busy start-up company from Hungary who run and GigamaX3D facebook page. We have got addicted to 3D printers in the last couple of years, our mission is to find the best desktop 3D printing solutions for professionals and individuals as well.

© GigamaX3D © GigamaX3D

We are the official european distributors of ESUN 3D printer filaments and Velleman 3D printers. We sell nice quality ABS/PLA/HIPS/PVA filaments with 1.75 and 3 mm diameters in 1 kg spools in 16 vibrant colors, which have been already tested on different kinds of desktop 3D printers like the Makerbot Replicator2, Leapfrog Creatr, Cube (with some hack), Repraps, Solidoodle, Flashforge, Velleman K8200 3D printer and many others by our satisfied customers.


We also carry consumer and prosumer desktop 3D printers like the Leapfrog Creatr or the Tricolor Mendel RepRap model and also…

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