How 3D printing will turn us all (back) into makers: Avi Reichental at TED2014

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TED2014_DD_DSC_7182_1920 Avi Reichental. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

3D printing pioneer Avi Reichental is nostalgic for a time he never quite experienced — a time of hyper-local, made-to-order, personalized craftsmanship. While the industrial revolution did a lot to advance humanity, says Reichental, it eradicated local manufacturing that people like his grandfather, a cobbler, excelled in. It atrophied society’s craftsmanship skills.

But, says Reichental, there’s a revolution coming: a 3D printed one. And what’s interesting about it is not how it’s “going to catapult us into the future, but rather how it’s going to connect us to our heritage — into a new era of localized, distributed manufacturing.”

Reichental mentions a few of his favorite projects from the 3D printing world:

A beautiful body suit

Amanda Boxtel, who is paralyzed from the waist down, could already stand and walk thanks to her exo-bionic legs and suit, but she wanted something inspired by her…

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