Budapest 3D Printing Days 2014

Gigamax 3D Printing Technology

I wouldn’t picture myself that it has been already a year ago, when I attended with a presentation and an exhibition on the first 3d printing event in Hungary organized by the team of Design Terminal. Since then, my little start-up has been growing (both parametric | art and GigamaX3D), and it all started with the appearance on last year’s Budapest 3D Printing Days.

© Design Terminal © Design Terminal

The gorgeous event will be organized this year as well, the goal of the Design Terminal team looks like to create a growing series which connects all the members of the 3D printing scene (enterpreneurs, hackers, makers, engineers, designers, tinkerers, etc.) during the 3 days of the show.


After the unexpected success of last year’s event, the organizers decided to go further: this years, they are inviting 3d printing related start-ups and small businesses from the V4 countries (Hungary, Poland…

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