Generative 3d modeling for 3d printing workshop by parametric | art at Budapest 3D Printing Days


A brand new generation of architects and designers started using mathematical algorithms to articulate new aesthetic artifacts, be it generative visuals, data-driven visualizations or parametric models for digital fabrication like 3 printing, in most cases, all roads will lead back to computational geometry. Computational geometry describes complex 3-dimensional forms and aesthetic processes in the form of mathematical algorithms as executable code.

© parametric | art © parametric | art

If you are interested in generative geometries and digital fabrication methods, come and join us from June 5-7 at the Budapest 3D Printing Days organized by Design Terminal in Budapest. It’s going to be the most prominent 3d printing event in Central Eastern Europe, the 3-day-long event provides talks, workshops, roundtable discussions by industry experts, a pitch event and exhibition of 30 Central-Eastern Europe-based 3D printing related companies

© parametric | art © parametric | art

The goal of the event is to build bridges between the…

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Introducing GigamaX 3D Printing Technology

Gigamax 3D Printing Technology

Hi there! In this short article, I want to introduce you to GigamaX3D, a fresh 3d print company from Hungary dedicated to affordable and open-source 3d printing solutions for home and educational use.

© photo by GigamaX3D © photo by GigamaX3D

GigamaX 3D Printing Technology offers Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printers for personal and professional use. We are official distributors of Velleman 3d printers and Esun 3d printer filaments, and also official distributors of Leapfrog, RepRapPro and Flashforge 3D printers. We believe in open-source technology and we’ve preferred always these kind of 3d printers. From entry level 3d printer kits to robust pro-sumer machines and premium quality 3d printer filaments, we try to support the 3d community as much as we can.

© photo by GigamaX3D © photo by GigamaX3D

2014, we’ve started in a small shop selling consumer 3d printers and supplies for the Hungarian market. After selling a huge amount of 3d printers…

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