3D Printing events in Budapest

Gigamax 3D Printing Technology

It has been a really busy week last week from a 3d printers point of view, many different great events have been organized in the last couple of days in the heart of the Hungarian capital. GigamaX 3D printing technology and parametric | art 3d print and design have participated as speakers, exhibitor, trainee and partner as well.

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The 3d printing landscape is constantly shifting: huge advances and smaller incremental innovations mean that keeping up-to-date with what’s new across the 3d printing industry is though – that’s why a lot of 3d printing related events have been organized in Hungary nowadays. Of you want to buy a 3d printer, you’ll need a lot of information before purchasing a new machine, whether that’s a desktop machine or a true production machine. The number of desktop 3d printer models and plastic extrusion systems or 3d printer head movements…

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